What they Don’t Tell You About Dental Implants

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Are you suffering from tooth loss? If so, you’ve probably heard of dental implants, implant-supported prosthetics that restore failed or missing teeth. You might’ve read through a little bit of literature or reviews. Maybe you’ve seen pictures online. Many professionals consider dental implants the “gold standard” in tooth replacement, and they are gaining popularity, but are they all that they’re cracked out to be?

1.    Your body shouldn’t reject dental implants.

Whether you choose titanium or zirconium, dental implant posts are biocompatible. This means that your body won’t reject it (unless you have a rare metal allergy).

2.    Say goodbye to cavities!

Did you lose your tooth to extensive tooth decay? Well, a significant benefit of dental implant-supported restorations is that you shouldn’t be concerned about a cavity in that tooth again since it’s made from man-made materials.

Still, this is not an excuse to neglect your oral hygiene. However, dental implants typically don’t require special care and can be taken care of like natural teeth: routine dental visits, twice-daily brushing, and one-daily flossing.

3.    They are the top option for missing or failed teeth.

Dental implants are one of the only tooth replacement options that can replace missing teeth (without harming healthy ones). Plus, they occupy the same space as the original tooth. So there won’t be any gaps, overcrowding, or drifting.

Another reason why dental implants are so highly regarded is that they are the only tooth replacement option that replicates a natural tooth root. Therefore, patients don’t have to worry about jawbone shrinkage after tooth loss if a dental implant is immediately placed.

4.    Dental implants are highly successful.

Many dentists favor implants because they rarely fail (especially when stacked against other tooth replacement options).

5.    They might improve your emotional and social life.

With failing teeth or ill-fitting dentures, you might feel a little self-conscious that your teeth might fall out in the company of friends, loved ones, or colleagues. You might skip out on important social events or go hungry because you fear eating certain foods in public.

Dental implants are secured permanently into the jawbone when placed correctly and shouldn’t fall off. So, you can count on dental implants to help you interact with your social circle or eat your favorite meal without the fear of falling out.

6.    The dental implant procedure is relatively painless.

While having a titanium post surgically embedded into your jawbone sounds painful, the truth is that patients don’t feel pain during the procedure. This is because the surgical site is numbed with local anesthesia.

Additionally, although there is an extended osteointegration process, there’s minimal post-operative discomfort. Most people can go back to work in a relatively quick time.

Do you qualify for dental implants?

Dental implants are superb solutions for those with failing or missing teeth. Contact dental implant dentist Dr. Z and schedule a consultation at Pristine Smiles. At this first meeting, Dr. Z will discuss if you qualify for dental implants, your tooth replacement options, and more. Call (865) 693-9474 or request an appointment online right now.

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