Gingivitis and Gum
Disease Treatment

Gingivitis and gum disease is an inflammation that starts in the gums and can spread to the ligaments, tissues, and bones that support the teeth. Also known as periodontal disease, this serious (yet common) condition can lead to severe tooth loss if left untreated. At Pristine Smiles, Dr. Z offers family dentistry and periodontic services for patients in Knoxville, Farragut, and other surrounding communities to reverse, treat, and manage gingivitis and gum disease.

Why is gum health important?

Gums act like a protective layer, seal against pathogens, and are a supportive structure that keeps teeth in place. When our gum health declines, bacteria and food debris can easily find their way and stick to the most vulnerable and hard-to-access parts of our mouth.

The Stages of Gum Disease

Gingivitis is a common and mild form of gum disease that
causes inflammation of your gingival tissue or gums. It is usually caused by
plaque, a sticky film of bacteria that forms on your teeth. Plaque can harden
into tartar, or calculus, which is much more difficult to remove. If gingivitis
is left untreated, it can lead to periodontal disease, a more severe form of
gum disease that can ultimately lead to tooth loss. Symptoms of gingivitis
include red, swollen gums that bleed easily when brushed. If you are
experiencing these symptoms, it is crucial to see a dentist so that they can
diagnose and treat the condition. Usually, it’s possible to reverse gingivitis with
professional teeth cleaning and good oral hygiene at home. In some cases, special
mouthwashes or toothpaste may be recommended. Follow your dentist’s
instructions carefully to ensure that the gingivitis does not worsen or
progress into periodontal disease.

Are periodontal services right for me?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that almost half of adults over 30 show signs of gum disease. So, how can you tell that you have gum disease? Here are a few of the tell-tale signs of gum disease:

  • Persistent bad breath or taste in the mouth
  • Tender, swollen, or bleeding gums

·         Changes in the bite, dentures, or strength of teeth

Treatment Maintenance

While gingivitis can be reversed through deep dental cleaning, patients diagnosed with periodontitis and periodontitis require a more extensive periodontic treatment plan to find a solution, not mend damaged gums and teeth.

Dr. Z Helps Patients Maintain Healthy Gums

Gum health is often overlooked, but Dr. Z and her Pristine Smiles team can elevate your gum health through laser periodontal therapy, scaling and root planing, and other services. Take your first step to a better smile and schedule a gum health appointment in Knoxville, TN. Call (865) 693-9474 or message us online.