Preventive Dental Care

In family dentistry, examining, diagnosing, and treating diseases that affect the teeth, soft tissues, and jaws, as well as keeping the teeth clean, are essential in preventative care and wellness. As a top dentist in Knoxville, Tennessee, Dr. Z offers comprehensive services that support oral health with warm, hospitable care and attention, plus high-tech dental technology.

How often should you get your teeth cleaned?

Is it time to schedule a dental wellness appointment? Once the first tooth emerges, most teeth cleaning dentists recommend scheduling dental visits at least once every six months to protect the teeth and gums, eradicate oral bacterial populations, and ensure that the mouth looks, feels, and smells good.

Benefits Of Dental Cleaning (Prophylaxis) And Exams

Preventative care and wellness are not a luxury. It is necessary to keep teeth and supporting structures in tip-top shape. Regular dental cleanings keep teeth free of bacteria and help stave off oral disease, like cavities and gum disease.

Procedure Expectations

At Pristine Smiles, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality preventative dental services. After a warm welcome, Dr. Z’s team will practice a visual exam and perform digital x-rays for a more comprehensive view of the smile. Then, one of our talented dental hygienists will carefully clean the teeth and provide patient-centered education.

But what if this is not enough? Our team can apply preventative treatments at the end of your visit to help prevent tooth decay. Explore our two anti-cavity offerings:

Treatment Maintenance

Many patients can get away with visiting the family dentist for preventative care and wellness twice a year. That said, patients who have certain conditions (like gum disease or pregnancy) could benefit from visiting more often. Dr. Z establishes patient care plans based on patient needs.

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Book a Dental Wellness Check and Teeth Cleaning near Oak Ridge, TN

Dental needs are often overlooked, but Dr. Z and her Pristine Smiles team can elevate your smile with preventative care, wellness checks, and more. Take your first step to a better smile and schedule a conscious and compassionate dental cleaning and dental exam in Knoxville, TN. Call (865) 693-9474 or message us online.