TMJ/TMD Treatment

Although it’s common for athletes to protect their smiles with sports guards during physical activity, did you know that you could permanently damage your teeth while you sleep? Reportedly, between 5 and 12% of patients suffer from a condition known as TMD (temporomandibular joint dysfunction), an umbrella term for abnormalities in the hinge-like joint that connects the upper and lower jaw. At Pristine Smiles, Knoxville family dentist Dr. Z offers jaw-dropping solutions to protect against the devastating side effects of TMJ disorder and teeth grinding.

Symptoms of TMJ

Since TMD can disguise itself as other conditions and causes irreversible destruction, it’s important to be alert to the TMJ symptoms that imply that you are teeth grinding:

  •         Waking up with recurring headaches
  •         Facial pain or stiffness
  •         Ear ringing or discomfort
  •         Irregular sleeping patterns
  •         Worn down, sensitive, and exposed enamel
  •         Broken dental fillings, teeth, and restorations

Is TMJ/TMD treatment right for me?

TMJ often is a condition that causes clenching teeth and jaws, and if you’ve been having this issue for a few years, our family dentist can easily spot signs of this potentially dangerous condition. So, it’s wise to schedule an appointment and talk with Dr. Z about your needs if you believe you could suffer from bruxism. Even though you might not be aware when it happens, early intervention can prevent serious, irreversible complications.


If you suffer from any of the signs of TMJ, then TMJ treatment can help alleviate TMJ pain, enamel destruction, and other consequence of the disorder.  At Pristine Smiles, our team is eager to help our patients meet their dental needs, and we offer minimally invasive, well-tolerated TMJ treatments to help patients feel relief:

  •         Dental Night Guard: A mouth guard for grinding teeth serves as a significant step in helping patients manage bruxism. When worn consistently and adequately, a sleep mouth guard can protect your jaws from soreness and overuse, as well as teeth from wear, fractures, chips, and sensitivity. Ideally, teeth-grinding guards are worn at night because that’s when bruxism usually occurs (when sufferers aren’t aware that they are doing it).
  •         Orthodontics: Occasionally, TMJ disorder is caused by jaw misalignment. Many patients find long-term relief by straightening their smile with orthodontic treatment, such as Invisalign® clear aligners.

Finally, Get TMJ Comfort!

Oral health needs are often overlooked, but Dr. Z and her Pristine Smiles team can treat TMJ discomfort based on your needs. Take your first step to a better smile and schedule a Knoxville, TN, TMJ/TMD treatment consultation. Call (865) 693-9474 or message us online.