Restorative Dentistry
in Knoxville, TN

Restorative dentistry is a branch of general dentistry that includes all treatments that repair teeth in their damaged state. Whether you have a tiny cavity, a cracked tooth, or one that is missing, family dentist can help you find the most suitable restorative technique.

Why is restoration dentistry necessary?

At Pristine Smiles, Dr. Z uses restorative dentistry to combat several dental health issues and rebuild them to an operational, strong state. Moreover, there are a number of reasons why people seek restorative dentistry, such as:

  •         Mending broken or chipped teeth
  •         Replacing missing teeth
  •         Preventing further decay
  •         Strengthening a tooth after a root canal

When restorative dental treatments are required, you can count on our Knoxville family dentist to provide precise, gentle therapy and appliances that are appropriate for your needs while saving as much tooth structure as possible.

Our Reliable Restorative Services

Whatever dental problem one might have, our goal is to fix it with solutions that look stunning and fit your budget. If you have dental insurance, understanding whether your upcoming procedure falls under restorative or cosmetic dentistry potentially saves you thousands in terms of what’s billed as a restorative vs. elective procedure.

Our Pristine Smiles team wants to give you a chance to live life without the restraint of decayed or damaged teeth, and here are some of the restorative solutions that we offer:

How to Prepare for a Restoration Dentistry Visit

Even though each case is different, we want to ensure that our Pristine Smiles patients are fully informed before committing to any treatment. Our Knoxville, TN, dentist will thoroughly discuss options so that you can make an educated decision. Also, our team can take the time to verify that any potential procedures are covered by insurance to avoid any surprise charges down the road. Planning is key to preparing for restorative dentistry. So, doing independent research and discussing treatment options one-on-one with a Pristine Smiles team member can make the process much smoother and keep your mouth and finances healthy.

Quality Restorative Dentistry in Knoxville, TN

Dental health needs are often overlooked, but Dr. Z and her Pristine Smiles team can elevate your smile through restorative dentistry. Take your first step to a better smile and schedule a restoration dentistry visit in Knoxville, TN. Call (865) 693-9474 or message us online.