Dental veneers are tailored shells of ceramic that work wonders to hide imperfections seamlessly. At Pristine Smiles, near Oak Ridge, TN, family dentist Dr. Z recommends dental veneers to patients that want to dramatically improve their smiles.

Are Veneers right for me?

Porcelain veneers are the Swiss-army knife of cosmetic dentistry procedures because our dentist can use them to correct many aesthetic concerns. Do you have deep discoloration that doesn’t respond to whitening treatments? Do you have gaps or minor misalignment but don’t have patience for orthodontic treatment? Do your teeth seem short, uneven, or disproportionate?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then book a consultation with Dr. Z at Pristine Smiles in Knoxville, TN. Still, some dental treatments require more extensive work. But veneers are a trusted technique for minor to moderate aesthetic treatment options.

Procedure Expectations

At your initial consultation, Dr. Z will listen to your concerns and help you plan your smile using your desires and smile design dental software. When an agreement happens, Dr. Z will prep your smile by lightly shaving off about one-half millimeter of the dental surface. Then, she takes a digital impression of your smile and safely sends this information to our trusted dental lab for fabrication. Then, a temporary veneer is placed on each tooth that needs it while you wait about two weeks for your veneers to be ready for cementation.

When your custom-made veneers are available, a Pristine Smiles team member will call you for permanent placement. First, Dr. Z will double-check the color of the veneers to ensure that they are the right shade and shape. (Then, adjust if needed.) When confirmed that your veneers are ideal, Dr. Z will clean the tooth and etch the surface for supreme bond strength. Next, our family dentist carefully spreads dental cement between the teeth and veneer and shines a light beam to bond (harden) the dental cement for optimal durability.

Treatment Maintenance

While dental veneers are more conservative than other dental modifications (like dental crowns), they are permanent and require replacement. It’s important to know that veneers don’t respond to bleaching agents. So, if your smile looks dull and you’d prefer a more luminous look, we strongly suggest teeth whitening before permanently bonding veneers.

Revolutionize Your Smile Dental Veneers

Dental needs are often overlooked, but Dr. Z and her Pristine Smiles team can elevate your smile with veneers. Take your first step to a better smile, and schedule a consultation for dental veneers in Knoxville, TN. Call (865) 693-9474 or message us online.