Old Teeth, New Smile: How to Erase Years from Your Appearance

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Living takes a toll on your teeth. Eventually, you might notice discoloration and flaws along the way. If you’re starting to feel the pressures of aging, there are many ways that your smile might be aging you. Thankfully, cosmetic dentistry solutions exist to fix these issues and theoretically make you look younger.

Discolored Teeth

When you look at a young child’s smile, you might notice that their teeth are naturally brighter than adult teeth. Baby teeth are typically whiter than adult teeth because they are more calcified. Plus, adult teeth tend to have thicker enamel, darker dentin, and more exposure to staining habits (like smoking and drinking coffee).

While many argue that youth is wasted on the youth, you can achieve a more youthful appearance by whitening your smile. For many, professional teeth whitening is a straightforward way to accomplish this goal in as little as one session. But your Knoxville cosmetic dentist might recommend veneers for deep-set staining.

Worn Down Teeth

Like discoloration, dental erosion is a natural part of aging. Our teeth naturally start out relatively long, with central incisors (two front teeth) longer than lateral incisors (neighboring top teeth). Our teeth tend to get shorter as we age, and our four front top teeth start looking about the same length. When people see the altered appearance of your teeth, they might start making mental calculations about your age.

Wouldn’t you instead subtract years as they are making mental calculations about your life? Well, porcelain veneers are an excellent cosmetic dentistry solution that can lengthen the look of your teeth for a younger look.

Outdated Restorations

As a part of life, you might need to update your natural smile with restorations or dental fillings. In fact, researchers estimate that 175 million filling procedures happen annually in the United States.

Still, not all visible signs of aging happen to your natural teeth, and existing dental work could make your smile look older. For instance, outdated metal amalgam fillings can discolor your teeth. Plus, metal fillings are simply outdated, and many modern dentists refuse to use this material because of its controversial history and unappealing appearance.

Thankfully, we can easily update amalgam or metal fillings with composite resin. Since they are seamless and tooth-colored, they shouldn’t show your age (or point out the fact that you have had a cavity).

Rejuvenate Your Appearance with Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Z is a Knoxville cosmetic dentist that creates beautiful smiles with teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding, and veneers (and sometimes, a combination of all three). At Pristine Smiles, Dr. Z is known for attaining stunning results that complement and enhance each patient’s unique features to a T.

Book a cosmetic dentistry consultation in Knoxville, TN, by calling (865) 693-9474 or request an appointment online to schedule an appointment. Our dedicated, detail-oriented team looks forward to helping you achieve your cosmetic dentistry goals.

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